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Everactive Health Improvement Specialist Team

Peter Sleight
BS / Everactive head coach

Peter has been involved in both competing and coaching for the past 20 years. He is an experienced marathon runner, endurance triathlete and elite cyclist. He has competed in marathons, ironman distance triathlons and cycling races both in the States and abroad. Highlights include: 1994 Bay State Marathon PR 2:47:14, 2001 Great Floridian Ironman, 2002 Team USA World Long Course Triathlon Championships in Nice, France and in 2005 he raced for Team Boston Scientific at the Tour of Ireland.

Peter's professional experience in the health and fitness field is unmatched, it includes health and fitness screenings, exercise testing, exercise prescription, program management and implementation, as well as special population training. His fitness coaching ranges from helping individuals run their first 5K all the way to coaching athletes to qualifying for the Ironman world championships in KONA Hawaii.

Peter no longer competes but still stays active running, surfing and stand up paddle boarding. He now focuses on his online fitness coaching/sup business and his family; he also coaches youth baseball and football in Framingham, MA.

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Melanie Bednarek
BS, Post Grad Pre Med / Everactive health and fitness specialist

Melanie has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness field as a trainer and instructor along with several years of rehabilitative exercise experience. Melanie specializes in both men's and women's health and focuses on integrating functional exercises and stretches that fit into each individual's lifestyle. Melanie enjoys coaching and supporting her clients towards better health. Aside from that Melanie enjoys mothering her toddler and getting outdoors and being active.

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John Furey
BS, MS / Everactive fitness and sport coaching specialist

John has over 25 years of experience in the field of health and fitness. A former elite marathoner and endurance athlete now dedicated in coaching and training at all levels of fitness and sport. John's expertise ranges from working with youth sports, special population, beginners, all the way to the professional athlete. John is a true motivator, he has tons of knowledge and can transfer it to practical use for his clients; he's absolutely a one of a kind. In 2006, Men's Journal chose John to be one of America's top 100 fitness trainers. John's hobbies include spending time with his children and surfing the cold winter swell at Nantastic beach in Hull, Massachusetts.

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Doug Shepard
BS, MS / Everactive health, fitness and sport coaching specialist

Doug has 28 years of experience with bicycle touring and racing. Doug has been Sport specific coaching for five years and enjoys helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Doug spent 6 years as a senior research assistant at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging and Nutrition Evaluation at Tufts University. Doug is perfect role model for living an active and healthy life spending much of his time outdoors, bike commuting to work and spending quality time with his family on the Rhode Island seashore.

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