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The Everactive Sports Conditioning Program

Our ultimate goal at Everactive is to help each athlete reach their true potential. Through a variety of sport conditioning programs we are training athletes of all ages and all levels of fitness. We provide a foundation for them to build off of and then progress each athlete at their own pace and their own ability. We strive at creating a fun yet structured and challenging environment so that each athlete will get the most out of their program. There is no sport that we can't help you train for. Group classes, semi-private sessions and private sessions are available.

Sports Conditioning Coach Peter Sleight:

BS Health and Fitness Springfield College 90', certified strength and conditioning coach, certified endurance coach with over 20 years of experience working with athletes of all ages and all levels.

Sports Conditioning Programs:

  • Pre-Youth Fit Camp (Group class*, ages 5-8)
  • Youth Fit Camp (Group Class*, ages 9-12)
  • Sports Conditioning 101 (Private and semi-private sessions**, ages 10-14)
  • Sports Conditioning HS (Private and semi-private sessions**, ages 14-17)
  • Sports Conditioning Adv (Private and semi-private sessions**, ages 18+)
  • Personal Training (Private and semi-private sessions**, ages 18+)

*Group classes are limited to 14 participants and the minimum per class is 8.
**Private and semi-private sessions range from 1- 4 participants.

Please email Peter @ peter@everactiveonline.com or call @ 508.494.3981 for more information about the Everactive Sports Conditioning programs.

Everactive is a proud partner in fitness with the Asian American Fighting Arts Studio. They are located at: 855 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701(Trolley Square)

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