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Everactive "Go Sport"

This coaching program is designed for the person who wants to become healthy and fit and needs the specialized guidance of an Everactive coach but does not need all of the bells and whistles that the pro package offers. This package is also great for beginners who might want to run their first 5k or maybe do a charity bike ride and do not know where to begin and how to prepare. Your coach will be there for you every step of the way. Go sport!

Go Sport details:

  • Initial phone/email consultation to discuss health history, exercise history, goals and strategies
  • Personalized monthly workout program sent via e-mail
  • Periodization training
  • Unlimited email exchange with coach
  • Monthly phone call with coach
  • Cross-training and injury prevention
  • Motivational support

Terms: $175 per month


"I definitely couldn't have done the tri without Peter at Everactive. The training program never left me feeling sore and his laid back approach really helped me to focus on having fun and not turning the thing into a chore. The nutritional advice and insight into the "tri" process was immeasurably helpful the day of the race. I showed up just hoping to finish and finished realizing that I actually could do it without unreasonable effort. The Everactive training was everything."

Kate Anderson
First time triathlete

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