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Everactive "Go Pro"

This coaching program will cover every aspect of training and racing. Absolutely no part of your training program will be missed; your everactive coach will be there for you every step of the way. Go pro!

Go Pro details:

  • Initial phone/e-mail consultation to discuss health history, exercise history, goals and strategies
  • Personalized monthly workout program sent via email
  • Periodization training
  • Heart rate specific training (base, endurance, lactate threshold, max capacity)
  • Power and heart rate data analysis
  • Unlimited email exchange with coach
  • Weekly phone call with coach
  • Nutritional strategies (pre, during event, post)
  • Cross-training and injury prevention
  • Motivational support

Terms: $225 per month


"As a doctor and husband, I need to make maximum use of the spare time to reach my athletic potential. As my online triathlon coach for the last 6 years, Peter Sleight has helped me achieve levels of fitness and athletic performance far beyond what I had previously thought possible."

Dr. Angus
Whitfield MD

Top ranked age group Ironman Triathlete & Resident in Urology, Oxford UK

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