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Full year one-on-one health and fitness coaching program

Successful teams have successful players Attract them,
retain them and keep them healthy and productive

With the hectic demands of the business world today, many employees lose touch with their health and need guidance and motivation to get them and keep them on track year round. Ea 365 is an opportunity for your employees to have their own personal Everactive health and fitness specialist on-line and by phone to guide and assist them to better health, fitness and an improved quality of life! Our specialists will coordinate all of the components of their health including a fitness plan, biweekly contact for motivation, support and education, monthly reviews to make necessary adjustments to fitness strategy and lifestyle. Let us help you build a team that will rise above your competition!

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Ea 365 one-on-one health and fitness coaching program includes:

  • Easy on-line sign-up via email link (hardcopy sign-up also available)
  • Initial: ea specialist initiated phone/email consultation to introduce their fitness coaching partnership and to discuss exercise/health history, goals and strategies
  • Biweekly: ea specialist initiated call/email to discuss program adjustments, maintenance strategy and also for additional support and encouragement
  • Monthly: personalized workout blueprint put together and sent via email by ea specialist
  • Unlimited email/ exchange with coach (training questions, health and fitness issues)

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"I have been in the Everactive EA-365 coaching program for 2 years now and continue to make positive health changes even with the demands of a busy work and family life. Having a specialist put together a personal workout blueprint for me keeps me focused and in line. I absolutely love the program and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to become healthy or to reach a personal fitness goal! "

Anthony Oliva, DMD

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