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EA Anytime Online

On-line one-on-one health and fitness coaching program

EA Anytime Online On-line one-on-one health and fitness coaching program

Bring our EA anytime on-line program to your community! Quarterly we provide open registration on-line for your employees to conveniently sign up. An Everactive health improvement specialist will then reach out to them on-line and guide them to better health. Meeting virtually is a fantastic way to maximize an employee’s time and it can be less intimidating for some employees. It also encourages more honest feedback and self-reporting, contributing to higher success rates. Phone consultations are also available.

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EA Anytime Online one-on-one health and fitness coaching program includes:

  • Easy on-line sign-up via email registration link (hardcopy sign-up also available)
  • On-line individual exercise, nutrition or stress consultation with ea specialist
  • Workout blueprint and educational material provided
  • Email follow-up for additional support and encouragement
  • Monthly: employee initiated email to coach
  • Program participation tracking

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"As a first time exerciser Ea anytime on-line has made me feel comfortable and is dedicated to helping me reach my goals of losing weight and becoming healthier. Our email contact is a great motivator to stay with it. I am now being more active daily and truly enjoy working with my own personal coach. I highly recommend this program to all."

Judy Grossman
Human Resource
Professional, Boston MA

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